The Visionaire Orlean Relationship Program is the company's awards for the design communitty with over 5.000 interior designers and architects. For more than 20 years, Orlean provides for its partners unique experiences around the world. Last Visionaire experience highlight was an evening visit to the Louvre Museum, opened exclusively for Orlean guests, followed by a cocktail at the Pyramid’s terrace.

How about spending delightful days in the capital of Italy, in the famous Eternal City? An invitation to revive their millennial stories, to enchant themselves (always) with their monuments and ruins, to consume good doses of culture, to enjoy the best of its gastronomy and to see the best of fashion. This is the proposal we offer to the next Visionaire group: Rome, with a special visit to the Sistine Chapel and the "private party" at the Vatican Museum. The departure will be in 2017: There is still time to be part of this experience. Arrivederci!